Custom Butcherblock Countertops

To request a quote for a custom Butcherblock Countertop: 

  1. Complete the order form and draw out your design on our CUSTOM ORDER AND LAYOUT  FORM
  2. E-mail a picture or scan of your drawing to

Helpful information

Finish Sanding

We finish-ready sand our Butcherblock Countertops to 180 grit with an orbit sander on its face and all finished edges before we apply the finish.

Oversized Pieces

Please note that any piece over 40 inches in width (3.33 feet or 102 cms) or 144 inches in length (12 feet or 366 cms) is considered oversized. 

  • Oversized pieces will incur additional handling and materials charges
  • Oversized pieces require additional crafting time

If you need an oversized countertop please let us know well in advance of its required due date so that we can schedule accordingly.